Gravity Wall Estimator

Wall Details




cross section

Estimated Quantities

Soil Type / Load
Wall Height
Wall length12 ft (3.6576 m)
Total Base Blocks
0 pcs
Total Standard Blocks
0 pcs
Total Top Blocks
0 pcs
Total 24" Extenders
0 pcs
Total 48" Extenders
0 pcs
Total Base Gravel0 cy
Total Clear Crush0 cy


These preliminary details are intended soley to act as an aid when designing a wall. These drawings should not be used for final design or construction. Each site-specific wall should be certified and signed by a registered geotechnical engineer in the State or Province where it is being built. the accuarcy and use of the details in this document are the sole responsibility of the user. Global stability analysis has not been performed.

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